Monday, May 25, 2009

5 months!

What a big, beautiful girl!

I updated her 4-5 month page with adorable pics and video. Enjoy!!


Jenn said...

Audrey has such a cute personality. She seems to be all smiles all the time. Emma Kate sure does smile, but I have such a hard time catching it on camera. She stares at the camera and is just in such awe of it that I dont get the smile. Love the matching hat and outfit :)

Leanne said...

She is so beautiful!

Shannon said...

What great pics, she is so cute!

Oh, DH and I were looking at your post below because I wanted his opinion too and we both think Audrey looks ALOT like you when you were a baby, its amazing!

Mandy said...

she is absolutely beautiful lady! i knew you two were going to make a cute baby! congrats! :)