Tuesday, May 5, 2009


On Sunday Audrey had her first bit of rice cereal! It was so fun to put her in her highchair an slap a bib on her. How did we get here already?

Ready for action!

WTH?! Have you TASTED this??

Not so bad!

And of course we got it on video...click here!

Day two wasn't very successful. She was fussy and not at all receptive to my attempts (I was making funny airplane noises and everything!) So we'll just keep trying once a day until she gets the hang of it. It's hard to believe that one day soon she'll be shoveling food into her mouth just like her momma ;)


Grasso10 said...

Hi! You probably don't remember me from the GP board (Grasso07). Audrey is adorable! I just wanted to add that we had some issues with solids as well and I added a tiny bit of stage 1 bananas (or something sweet if you are BF/EP) to add a bit of flavor. It's been smoooth sailing since! Good Luck! :)

amy said...

Awww...too cute! We are going to start Claire on solids next week...i'm so excited!

Leanne said...

It took us awhile to get adjusted to solids, too. Lucas was not a fan of rice cereal at all. After two weeks, I switched him to oatmeal and he seemed to like it a little bit better. I waited another week or so and then added in some squash and he LOVES it!
I think the cereal alone was too bland for him. We are now eating cereal, squash, and sweet potatoes in a nice rotation and will soon add carrots.

Good luck and have fun!

Shannon said...

Aww thats adorable!
Im sure it will get much easier with each day.
Good Luck;-)

caroline said...

So cute. I tried to offer Jacob cereal at around 4 1/2 months. Realized he just wasn't into it and waited until almost 6 months...oh the difference it made. Was eating homemade baby food like it was going out of style. I just don't think he needed it until then. Just don't rush it...their little systems are so delicate. Good luck!