Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stepping it up for Dad's Birthday

Soooo, it was exactly a month ago that Audrey took her first steps. Since then she has gotten so good at walking, mostly when holding your hand, cruising, and pushing her push toy. Well today she started letting go and walking by herself, without any prompting! I'll be completely honest, as wonderful as it is to see her walk, I am dreading the days where she won't crawl anymore. She is the cutest little crawler!! I love hearing her hands and feet move across the floor and watch her smile as she gets closer to what she wants. I love watching her pull herself up and explore. I'd be totally happy with her crawling for another few weeks.

But I am very proud of our sweet Audrey Cate. The look on her face as she walks towards you is PRICELESS. She has really learned to slow down so that she can actually make it more than 4 steps. And when I scoop her up in my arms she laughs and gets so, so excited. How can I not love that??

I love watching her push this toy around...I think she's so smart, the way she knows how to back up and maneuver it.

Today we got pounded with 2 feet of snow! I cannot wait to get Audrey Cate all bundled up and outside. Hopefully tomorrow the wind will have died down enough for us to get out and play!

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caroline said...

Jacob was watching the last video of her pushing her toy and goes "That baby is silly." She's doing such a good job, hope you guys are having fun in the snow. Wish we were there to play too!