Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What a difference a year makes!

Exactly one year ago today we left the house with our suitcase and headed to my weekly doctor appointment. I was getting my membranes stripped again (and it was going to work this time, damn it!) We left the doctor and headed straight for the mall where we could walk around for hours. We walked and ate, walked some more, and ate some more. We finally left after a couple hours because I was having regular contractions. We made the decision to go to the hospital where they put us in a tiny room and checked me periodically:

Between checks we walked the halls for hours. My Dad even came to visit and brought some sweet gifts. We were officially admitted at 9:00 pm and that's when all the family started showing up!! By 10:00 we had parents, grandparents, and siblings in the waiting room. And amazingly they spent the whole night. It was such a comfort knowing they were there. Before midnight my water broke and I got the miraculous epidural. I slept on and off all night, so nervous and yet so excited about soon meeting Baby Burns.

Fast forward a year later...

I'm at the mall again, but this time it's to take that sweet Baby Burns to get her 1 year photos taken. It's crazy how much has changed in just one year.

Uncle Scott, making her laugh

Hanging with sweet Bella

Conked out!

When we put her to bed tonight, I thought back to a year ago. I remember the anticipation of finally finding out if Baby Burns was a boy (we were so sure there was a Jack in there!!) or a girl. I remember feeling anxious (would I survive childbirth?! lol), nervous, excited, and kind of sad that my pregnancy would soon be over. But nothing compares to watching your baby lay down , turn over, and curl up, looking like an angel as she sleeps. I can't believe she'll be one tomorrow!


Lauren said...

Aww! Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Audrey!

Kelly said...

Happy birthday! It's crazy how fast the time went by. My DS turned 1 yesterday.

Jenn said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Audrey!
Emma Kate :)