Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another glorious snow day!

Thanks to a little more snow overnight, school was cancelled again. There's nothing like the anticipation of waking up at 5 am, running to the computer, and seeing the closing message atop the district's website (and we're supposed to be getting more this weekend! SQUEAL!!)

With the extra time on my hands and having the Internet back (yessssss), I've been looking into Audrey's spring/summer wardrobe. Although she loves to run around in just a diaper, I have to get her a few things to wear in public :) Lo and behold, Gymboree has come out with an Alligator line for GIRLS!! Just one of the adorable items:

And just in time for my school's spirit week in March. Chris will be bringing her on Super Gator Pride Day, so of course she'll have to be Gatorized to match the rest of us :)

Last night we were playing and her stacking rings were laying out. Now, ever since she could sit up, she would always unstack (destack?) the rings. Sometimes one by one, sometimes she'd be super efficient and just dump the entire thing over. She just did not like them being stacked. Ever. But last night she just started stacking her rings! It was pretty cool to watch:

I like how at first she tries to crawl away, but then "listens" to me when I tell her to go back (I had to run to get my camera, and of course as soon as you do that, they stop doing whatever amazing thing it was that they were doing...) Then towards the end, when she can't quite stack the orange ring, she hands it to me. Smarty pants :)

Finally, a hilarious clip I found from Modern Family...does anyone watch this show? It's one of my new favorites. The comedic timing is genius:

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Meredith said...

I've been following your blog forever - our DD's are around the same age. :) My blog is

Anyways, can you leave me a comment where you got that cute pettiskirt tutu from? I want to do that for 18 month pics. :)