Friday, April 23, 2010

Happiness is not being sick...

and I'm not talking allergies, people. I'm talking violently expelling stomach contents in a way that makes you wish you were dead. It was NOT a good week for many members of my family.

Monday: I woke Audrey up with a cup of milk and a diaper change. I decided to feed her breakfast before we headed to Grandma's (usually she eats when we get there.) As soon as I strapped her into her highchair, she spewed all of her milk. Then cried. I really should have known something was wrong at that point. But I figured (wrongly) that she must've drank her milk too fast and proceeded to feed her yogurt. She started getting really fussy about halfway through, so I sealed the rest up, we said good-bye to Dad, and I strapped her in the car seat. As soon as she was buckled in the yogurt came up (I thought ALL of it had come up, but I was very, very wrong.) I took her out of her seat, changed her PJs, cleaned the seat, then put her back in. Now I'm starting to worry. She never throws up! But she doesn't feel warm, so we head off to Grandma's. About halfway there she got sick again, I swear throwing up much more yogurt than she actually ate. IT JUST KEPT COMING AND COMING. I pulled over immediately but had nowhere near enough wipes to completely clean her up. We finally got to Grandma's and you could tell she was NOT happy. She just wanted Mom, just wanted to be held. We got her cleaned up and Grandma held her while I tried calling work and cleaning out my car. We gave her water, which she threw up. Grandma made her toast which she eventually ate (which we'd both be sorry for later...) We left for home shortly thereafter and she fell asleep on the way. I started to get us settled in when she threw up all of her toast. It was so sad watching her get sick. Finally, we settled on the couch with all of the necessities:

She seemed to be getting hungry around 11:00, so I gave her lunch, which she gobbled up (and managed to keep down!) I put her down for her nap and she slept for FIVE HOURS. I went in several times after 2 1/2 hours and she would stir, turn over, go back to sleep. She was great afterwards. Ate her snack, drank juice, and seemed really happy to just relax:

Dinner was great, she had a bath and went to bed as usual. All was right with the world again.

Until Tuesday. Mid-morning, halfway through a math lesson, I was hit like a ton of bricks. I kept it together until my kids went to PE, then made immediate plans for an afternoon sub. I'm sparing all the gruesome details, but I was more sick than I've ever been in my life. I went straight home and was sick the rest of the day. So sick that later that night my legs started cramping from dehydration. I knew I wasn't going to get much sleep, and I couldn't walk 5 steps without becoming short of breath, so I stayed up typing lesson plans and arranging for a sub. I kept Audrey home the next day and started feeling better little by little. I napped when she did and that helped a lot.

I was excited to get back to work Thursday. I missed my kids, and while I wasn't feeling 100%, I was just happy to get back to a normal routine. But then the bad news came....both Grandma and Grandpa were sick. Chris stayed home with Audrey on Thursday and Friday which is something he's never done before, but handled it like a pro. Audrey had the best time with him, as evidenced by the texts I received throughout the day from Chris:

Coming home to this made me soooo happy :)

So, it's now Friday night and everyone seems to be healthy again. It will be a miracle if Christopher doesn't get sick. I don't know where this bug came from, but it was brutal. I am so glad it didn't last too long. Now we can enjoy a lazy, rainy weekend at home!

Audrey will be 16 months tomorrow.


Lauren said...

That does sound brutal! I can't even imagine. I'm glad you're all feeling better now!

lena said...

Nothing is worse then a sick baby! Glad everyone is feeling better.

Devon said...

We were soo sick like that in December. Ugh!

Scullyhoyy said...

We had that bug in around new years. It was awful! I hope the DH doesn't get sick.

Skylar's Mommy said...

I am so glad you all are feeling better!

Robert and Carmen said...

We had that bug a month or two ago. Not fun. And same problem - my mom comes to watch the little one and she got sick, so we had to try and cover babysitting our selves - sick. It was not fun. Glad everyone is better now!