Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer is right around the corner!

I have to say that being home this week, paired with the super hot weather we've had, is getting me super psyched for summer. But then that means the end to what has been the BEST school year so far with the greatest group of kids I've ever had. I'm secretly hoping they'll let me loop to 3rd grade! The final days will definitely be bittersweet.

Today Audrey and I took a walk after nap/lunch. I let her get down and run around the courthouse just so I could take a break (and snap some pictures, of course!)

Getting ready to take off...she carries her Mickey and Minnie almost everywhere now!


Tomorrow she has her 15 month appointment. I fully plan on ratting her out the pedi about her lack of eating.


Lauren said...

Philip lost weight in between his 12 and 15 month appointments. Even by 18 he had only gained about a pound and a half, but he was no longer trending downward. He started losing around the time we started solids at 12 months. I was thinking he was picky but in reality I think he just couldn't chew the food we were giving him! He still has a hard time chewing u proteins. So I decided to start pureeing his meals again and he's eating much better. Actually, he's only now getting some molars in so I'm not sure how I expected him to eat whatever we were eating at 12 months old. Before I think it just took too long for him to chew everything up and he lost interest along the way so he would only eat a small amount. Now he eats almost everything we give him, every time. He's still not putting on a lot of weight but I chalk that up to him being a skinny baby! Good luck at A's appointment!

BabyBurns said...

This is very reassuring, thanks girl!!