Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun in the sun

It's been H-O-T this week! Every afternoon when Audrey and I get home, it's the same routine: unload our bags, feed the dogs, grab the Cozy Coupe and head outside to the mailbox. Sometimes we drive, sometimes we walk. The front of the house is shaded in the late afternoon, so it's a perfect play spot as we wait for Dad to get home.

Chris and I can't get over how old she looks in these pictures! Like a KID!

"Hello, Mister Postman? Wherez MY mailz?"

"Nothingz for me? I'll hold while you checks again."

Later in the week it got up to the 90's. It was so hot, outside recess was banned. Audrey lurves her outdoor playtime, so we stripped her down and busted out the hose!

Her new favorite sentence is "Uh oh!"

Love those blonde curls, nothing cuter than curls!!

Grandma and Grandpa bought her a water table this week! She was happily splashing around with it when I picked her up on Wednesday. It's the Step 2 Arctic Splash and she just loves it. I want to get her one for home, preferably one with an umbrella. Any suggestions?


Aja said...

We have the same water table her gparents got her and my son loves it too. It cracks me up that outside recess was banned for the 90s- no one would do anything in FL if that were the case! Of course, I also didn't leave the house this winter when it dipped into the high 20s because I thought the baby and I would freeze. Ahh, the difference in regions!

caroline said...

Love her. Jacob would be outside all the time if we would let him. You tell those cute little curls to make their way to the front of her adorable head so we can see them more :)

Ali said...

We just got the step 2 Naturally Playful sand and water table with an umbrella from amazon. Our 15 m/o loves it!

lena said...

Love the uh-oh face and those curls are too cute!

valerie said...

This is the sweetest blog ever. I think I may have commented this before, but I really do love it. Your little girl is adorable and your family is beautiful.

Lauren said...

Ooh, look at those curls!! Philip's hair curls up in the back in the humidity during the summer too so I like to let it grow a bit longer. Adorable!

We have a Step2 water/sand table we got at Costco a couple of months ago for the same price as the Step2 water only table they sell at Target. It has a little umbrella, too. Philip is crazy about it!

Alicea said...

Oh my gosh, how cute!