Sunday, May 16, 2010

A New Game

Audrey has discovered that she can maneuver herself underneath the coffee table to play hide-and-seek. I absolutely love the look on her face when she's surprised!

It was a great weekend. We had dinner at our friend's house on Saturday night. Audrey loved playing with M (she's 2 1/2.) M has the coolest toys, it's always fun to go over there and see what Audrey gravitates towards. I ended up ordering a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe this morning. Audrey just loved M's and had a FIT when we had to leave. I can't wait to see her face when she gets it. She tried french fries last night for dinner and loved them, Goldfish crackers, too. So that's what she had for dinner. Tonight she had spaghetti. At first she just swung the noodles around (one in each hand) cowgirl style....noises and all. Then she put one in her mouth and decided she liked it. She was a mess afterwards :)

There are 5 weeks of school left. There are a zillion things to get done at school, even more at home. Time is going by too fast these days. I am really excited for things to slow down so I can just enjoy being with Audrey.


Lauren said...

Fun! Which Cozy Coupe did you get her? We have a second hand good ol' red and yellow one, but my dad is going to order the police car version for Philip just because he thinks he has to have it. ;-) He's going to be so excited!

BabyBurns said...

I got the red and yellow one as well! I try not to buy "girly" toys b/c if we ever have a boy I want to reuse the "bigger" toys. She played with the pink and purple one last night, so hopefully she doesn't mind the color change :)

Lauren said...

That's a good plan! I'm sure she's going to be thrilled!