Sunday, August 8, 2010

What a difference a year makes!

Check out this video...the first part is Audrey exactly one year ago. She was just starting to crawl. The second part was taken this week as she danced around the living room (something we like to do every day!)

I can't believe it's been a whole year since she started to crawl...and look how much her hair has grown! Audrey is so much fun to be around. She's loud and crazy one minute, quiet and focused the next. I am amazed at how she can sit and play with a toy or read a book for long periods of time. But I especially love how chatty she can be and how she gets up and dances around while singing, even when there's no music.

She's currently cutting her canines. Her diapers have been pretty runny and she wouldn't eat any solid foods for a few days. She's been very clingy as well. Luckily her sleep hasn't been interrupted (except last night, she was crying on and off between 10:30-11:00.) Hopefully they come thru soon...I know in just a few short months the 2 year molars will be here. She started saying "stuck" this week. As in her Mickey and Minnie were stuck in the shopping cart, or when she's belted in and wants to get out she says, "I stuck!" We have a new game where I'll sit in front of her crib and kiss her through one of the slats. Then I'll move to another slat and she'll meet me for another kiss...I do this over and over until she gets tired of it (because I could do that all night!) Random- I've noticed that when she wants something, she'll point to it and say, "Doe doe?" I have NO IDEA WHAT SHE'S SAYING. All I know is that she wants it (this ranges from my drink, to her paci, to a toy that fell on the floor.)

Since Audrey's b-day is right before Christmas, I put most of her presents away and bring them out periodically throughout the year. Yesterday I put together her baby stroller and I also opened a baby doll. I was not surprised to see that she was more interested in the stroller than the baby.

Yeah, she took the baby out of the stroller (by the head, mind you) and actually maneuvered herself into it (which was NOT easy!) Does this look like a child who needs another sibling anytime soon? Methinks no.

She did show concern when the baby cried..., that's much better!

Some other pictures of our week:

A beautiful rainbow, right in our front yard!

SQUEAL!! Cutest pigtails ever, unfortunately her hair is so thin they slide right out...

Teething like a mofo

I've been trying to relax and enjoy the last few weeks of summer, which means staying home as much as possible! During the school year we are gone all the time! I just want to hang out at home with my sweet girl. Starting next week I have a gazillion things to do for school. Teacher workweek isn't until the 30th, but I have a few classes I need to take each week before then. Here's to 3 more weeks of sweet summer!


Ali said...

What a sweet post! She is such a beauty. We've been using the tiny clear bands, I think by goody (from target) to hold my daughter's tiny ponytails. If I wrap them 3 times 1they stay in and she can't get them out.

GinaChick said...

The process of Maribelle getting her canines was AWFUL! It lasted for a good month or two, so I can only hope that Audrey's experience is quick and easy :)

Maribelle also has thin hair, and I highly suggest those tiny clear bands for baby hairdos. You honestly get like 500 in a pack, so you can just snip them out of Audrey's hair if need be (but we haven't had to).