Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to work

It was a pretty effortless transition for Audrey and myself. I had no problems waking up ridiculously early and when I go to wake Audrey she's in a ridiculously happy mood. She lays in bed and snuggles with Dad as I load the car and it's off to Grandma's we go! With as much bonding time we had over the summer and as she's grown to be a momma's girl, she has no problems with me leaving. My work day flies by and before I know it I'm back at Grandma's where Audrey is waiting for me at the door.

Working during the day really makes me cherish the evenings and weekends so much more. When the weather starts to get cooler we're going to try to go for walks a few times a week after dinner. For now we prefer to stay inside and dance like crazy, rough house, and play with our toys and read books.

I bought Audrey a potty this weekend. She has shown ZERO interest and honestly, I think it's way to early to potty train at this age anyway, but I know the first step is up to me...introduce the potty!

She really likes sitting on it, but when she actually used it, it freaked her out a bit. Now she barely sits on it for 20 seconds. Eh, I don't care for it too much myself.

School starts for realsies this week! And we are jumping in head-first; Scott's first football game is Wednesday night and I start my graduate math class on Thursday night. Audrey's first dance class is Saturday morning...very little down time, but at least these weeks will fly by!


Brandy said...

Love the post! But I have to say its not to young to start if they are ready. Different babies will train @ different times. I wish Nina was where Bella is. I am not wanting to have 2 with diapers :)

SB said...

You never know, Nina might train early too! I think it's a rarity though, so I hope it sticks...I'm counting on Bella teaching Audrey.