Monday, October 25, 2010

I lied

So, the day after I write a glowing review of our favorite girl, she goes and pulls a "I'm not two yet, but here's a taste of the Terrible Two's!" For serious, I was about to pull my hair out tonight. First, I barely get greeted at the door, then I get an "I'm too busy for you" attitude when I try to pick her up and give her kisses (did she not miss me and think of me every minute I was gone? Psssh.) THEN she kicks and screams the whole way to the car as we're leaving grandma's. I GET IT, you love being there. You REALLY loved playing with Bella all day. But get control of yourself, lady! She calmed down in the car after a few good high-pitched screams (she hated me in those moments, I could just tell.) We get home and she's now completely clingy. Sure. Now that I have to make dinner, take care of the dogs, make the bed, etc, etc, etc, NOW you want me! I literally would hold her for a minute, put her down to do something, let her scream for a minute, pick her back up.


I don't get it. I couldn't get Katy Perry's song out of my head. "You're hot then you're cold..." Only my lyrics have a few curse words strewn in for dramatic effect. She managed to eat, then had a grand ol time in the bath. Phew, what a relief, my fun-loving, sweet girl was back.

Not quite.

The second I laid her down for diaper and lotion, she wasn't having it. Do you know how hard it is to diaper a child that won't lay down? Between her now famous screams (they sure do sound different in a large room, compared to the car) she kept saying (aka screaming) "I stuuuuuuuuuck!" And I just kept repeating (in my head) the 4 letter word that rhymes with it. It is seriously not fun wrestling a toddler. And let me tell you, she was world-class tonight, completely unpinnable.

Luckily she went to sleep just fine (at 7:00, because I was sure as hell neither of us would live to see 7:30.) And of course when Chris finally got home she looked like a complete angel as she slept.

She IS an angel...when she's not the devil.


Lauren said...

Yep, sounds like a two year old in training! Philip and I have had some epic diaper battles as of late. And geez is he strong when he's mad!I need to potty train him before I end up being the one "stuck" to the table!

Brandy said...

OMG! She pulled a Nina. Nina does that...oh lets say 3-7 times a week!

caroline said...

Jacob nailed me a few times in the past while flailing his legs when it was time to put a diaper on and get dressed after bath. He kicked me in the nose one time and I actually had to leave the room and let Jason finish because something bad was about to happen to that sweet little I think it's all about testing you and seeing how far they can take it at that age.

Jenn said...

oh dear- this sounds like our house! we are at 21 months, but boy does she seem like a 2 year old.