Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wedding Weekend

Ryan and Mimi were married on Friday and it was a beautiful wedding. We went to the rehearsal on Thursday (the church was absolutely gorgeous) and then went to dinner at Logan's. Chris stayed with Ryan and the groomsmen while Audrey and I came home to rest up for the big day.

Audrey and cousin Nina at the church

Audrey slept the whole way to the church (over an hour) and was in great spirits when we arrived. She got to hang out with cousin Isabella during the ceremnoy. Thank goodness the church had quiet rooms. The girls could chat and we could still hear the ceremony.

At the reception the girls danced the whole night. It was such a fun party with great food, great music, and awesome family.

Audrey & Bella liked walking around the dance floor.

Nina led the whole time :)

They had a mother-daughter dance. It was so sweet!


Had to be carried off the dance floor

We had a wonderful time. Unfortunately most of my pictures came out blurry or my camera delayed so much that I missed a lot of good shots. So, if you're reading this, Santa, mama needs a camera for Christmas :)

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