Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baby Burns at 20 weeks

We went to the doctor today for our 20 week u/s and check-up. We got a bunch of cool pictures...Baby Burns was doing somersaults! We were very good and looked away when we were told :) Everything is measuring great, looks great, and we're still on track for May 7th. I weighed in at 135 which makes me dread the next 4 months...this is when I start packing on the pounds.

I still can't believe we're having another baby...when Chris picked up Audrey and brought her home tonight, she seemed so BIG to me...she's going to be a big sister, not the baby anymore. But this doesn't make me sad...it makes me really, really excited to help her build a bond with her little brother or sister. I think she will be so wonderful.

Tomorrow is our last day of school before break. Audrey will be 2 on Friday and Christmas is on Saturday. I can't wait to spend all of my time with my sweet girl!


MrsPnut said...

yay! Glad everything looked great!!
And I wish I was 135! That's what I started out with! (last time!) haha you look amazing!!!

Lauren said...

Don't sweat the weight gain, it will come off again. :-)

caroline said...

I'm thinking another girl...but I was wrong last time soooo :) Just wait until you bring that baby home...Audrey will seem soooo big then. The pics look great AND so do you :) And I wish I weighed 135...lol!