Friday, December 17, 2010

Pictures...round 2

On Wednesday Audrey seemed to be feeling much better so we headed back to the mall to try 2 year portraits & pictures with Santa. What a difference! She was such an angel and in the best mood. First we went to Picture People. I had a coupon and wanted to get a good picture of her to give out for Christmas. It was a quick shoot and was a doll:

While we waited for those, we stood in line for Santa (about 30 minutes.) To my complete surprise she did not cry or scream. Actually, she barely paid attention to Santa...the camera guy was throwing a stuffed animal high into the air and it worked....smiles!

While we were there we stopped to visit Aunt Sarah at TCP. Audrey just loves her auntie. She gets SOOO excited when we see her. We didn't get home until after 8:00 and after dinner she passed out as soon as we laid her down. I was so relieved at how well it went.

Next Friday is her 2nd birthday and my friend Stacy is coming to take pictures. I can't wait!


Jenifer said...

Such a pretty Santa photo. I still love the one form last year! that santa was amazing.

Jill said...

Good job at getting those wonderful pictures. She is beyond precious and adorable!

Darcy said...

So adorable! You're gonna love the photo shoot with Stacy - she is such an amazing photographer and Audrey is already so photogenic!