Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where did my baby go?!

I'm not one to be all depressed at over at how fast she's grown, but's like all of a sudden she's such a KID. The things she says, the way she behaves. It's kind of overwhelming sometimes (in a good way, though!) Just recently, for example, she's demanding and needs certain things at certain times. This morning she woke up and wanted her "Shoes on? Tutu on? Bow on?" When she sits down to eat she asks for her "friends" (Mickey, Minnie, the whole gang.) I love this stage, the beginnings of 2-way communication.

I've been noticing it for awhile, but it really hit me yesterday as I watched her in dance class. She was doing things that she couldn't/wouldn't do just a few months ago when she first started. Simple things, like standing still on her star, watching and copying the teacher. I just love watching her learn and grow. We've been working on colors and I *think* she finally knows them all! She knows all of her shapes too. I started teaching her a few signs last week (please, thank you, eat, love, baby.) Not that there's any point, other than I think it's fun and cute! She gets pretty excited about it too. Her memory is so good! When we watch an episode of Mickey or we read a book, she tells me what's about to happen. I can't wait to see what she's like in school...hopefully she'll continue to love reading and be as enthusiastic about learning. Fingers crossed!

Her favorite new phrase is "I'm funny!" Anytime she does something silly she says it. When Chris does something funny she says, "Dad's funny!!" It's....funny :) She's also been saying "I did it!" an awful lot!

I'm feeling good at 27 weeks, but I'm trying to stay off my feet as much as possible to avoid swollen ankles and back pain. It's hard to believe I'm starting my 3rd trimester... I'm really enjoying the peace and the predictability of our routines...once Baby Burns is here it will be complete chaos! But I am so looking forward to meeting him/her and helping Audrey make the transition from "one and only" to "big sister."

27w 1d


amy said...

You look great!
We've been working on learning our colors with Claire but she hasn't quite gotten it yet. Are there any games or activities that you did with Audrey to help her learn that you could pass on? thanks!

SB said...

Thanks, Amy! We read a few different books about colors (over, and over and over...!) I also tried to talk about colors constantly when we were in stores, outside, around the house. Eventually she caught on! In the car she now points out red lights and green lights, lol.