Sunday, March 13, 2011

Early Easter pics

It was gorgeous outside today. I'm in full nesting mode. Baby Burns is probably going to be here right around Easter. I have a credit to use at Shutterfly before next week. All perfect excuses for our Easter photo shoot!

So different from last year! She actually wanted to keep her hat on. She was very distracted by things going on...a cat ran across our yard; "Cat! Running!" A car drove by; "Red car!" The moon was slightly visible in the sky; "Moon! Tickle, tickle!" Yes, she wanted to tickle the moon :)

Some out takes:

There goes the cat!

Where'd he go?!


Tickle, tickle!

She wanted to "dig"

Before we even began taking pictures she fell and scraped her knee pretty badly. She was so tough, didn't cry at all!

And finally, a picture from last year's shoot.

Love her!


Jill said...

She is such a good-looking child! She looks quite a bit like you I think. :)

Lauren said...

So much more hair than last year!

Shelly said...

So adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

So Audrey is adorable! And I just wanted to say that I predict boy this time around! You are much smaller and carrying different. Also, not trying to be rude or step out of line, your chest is larger than with Audrey! I swear that is a for sure sign of a boy! :-)