Saturday, April 16, 2011

37 weeks and what a difference!

I had another BP and Dr appointment this week. I weighed in at 151 and b/p is good. More importantly, Baby Burns looks good! The tech estimated him/her to be 7lbs 4 0z. I was shocked! That seems big already. On Wednesday we have the level 2 fetal scan at the perinatologist. We should get a much better estimate of the baby's size then.

I've definitely slowed down a lot this week. I have a sharp pain that runs down my lower right back, into my butt and leg. And- how's this for weird- really sharp pains in my pelvic's the oddest feeling and very uncomfortable. Braxton Hicks are becoming more frequent, lasting longer and feel more uncomfortable. With all of this I'm still hoping and praying this baby stays put until May. I would really like to spend next week with my students and finish preparing for my sub; I really, really want to enjoy Spring Break as a family of 3 for the last time.

It's so different from being pregnant with Audrey...I could not wait for her to arrive. This time I'm so anxious and nervous and I feel so bad about that! I'm so excited to meet our sweet new child but my anxiety feels like it's overshadowing the excitement. Chris doesn't feel that way at all, so it's nice to have someone around here who feels ready :) He keeps assuring me that Audrey will be so excited and happy to have the baby here...I can only hope!

It never occurred to me that the baby could come early...but with as uncomfortable as I've been this week I'm going to finish packing my hospital bag tonight. In the event that I do get induced, turns out I'll be going in on the afternooon of May 4th. They'll give me cervidil to soften my cervix and that stays in for 12 hours. I was told by a nurse friend of mine that it can make you crampy but with the help of ambien and fentanyl I can get a good night's sleep. The next morning the cervidil comes out and pitocin is started. So we're looking at a May 5th due date :)

My in-laws are keeping Audrey and they are so MIL said they'd bring her to the hospital as much as I wanted. There are no restrictions with visitors so I'm hoping they can spend some time the night I go in and then of course the next day when the baby is born!

As far as the sex, I honestly have no feeling one way or the other. Since I'm carrying differently it makes me think boy. But then again I didn't have morning sickness and everything else has been the same as when I was pregnant with Audrey. I haven't even had baby dreams! I'm just content in not knowing until the big day. The moment Audrey was born was so incredible and one of the best memories I have; I'm so very excited to do it again!

The face of a very excited soon-to-be Big Sister!


Isabella's Mommy.... said...

How sweet - she looks so excited. You look great too! Enjoy these last couple weeks, they were my favorite. The anticipation and excitement was overwhelming. Enjoy!!

Jenn said...

Audrey's smile looks just like yours! Too sweet and good luck!!