Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Peri Appointment

I left school early and made a quick stop by Panera before meeting Chris at the doctor (I needed my mac and cheese fix!) After filling out a bunch of forms we had a quick sonogram (2d, nothing spectacular) and the tech took a bunch of measurements. I told her right away we didn't want to know the sex and she was great about not saying anything...but then she looked for herself!! She asked if our first child was a girl or boy. When we told her it was a girl she said, "Oh, good." WHAT?!? What does that MEAN?? We were laughing about it after she left the room b/c we were totally analyzing her comment. "Good" as in it's a boy and we'll now have one of each? Or "good" as in we already have girl stuff? Who knows (well, she knows, but at least we don't!) She asked us what our predictions were as far as weight- we were guessing in the higher 7 lb range. Turns out the baby weighs 6 lbs 15 oz. And her margin of error is just a few ounces, so I think we're looking at a normal sized baby!

After she left the doctor came in and looked over the measurements. He confirmed that everything looked great and then had us meet with him in the conference room. That's when I started to worry...on TV they always give bad news back in the doctor's office. He just wanted to go over my sugar levels and he was concerned that they are still high in the mornings and after breakfast. He thinks I may have had diabetes before becoming pregnant and wants some tests done (FRICK!) So after our appt I ended up going to my OB's office and picking up a 24 hour urine collection container...OMFG that things is huge, bright orange and I was mortified to be carrying it out of the office! I have to collect my urine tonight and tomorrow, then have blood drawn tomorrow afternoon when I go for my regular OB appt. He definitely wants me delivering between 39-40 weeks and he wants the BPP done twice a week instead of once. He prescribed a different kind of insulin (in addition to the insulin I'm already taking) that I now need to take with my breakfast...that's 2 shots a day now...UGH! Bright side- in exactly 2 weeks from today we'll be heading in for the induction. WOW!

It's been a rough evening though...I'm having major pulls in my groin area and my butt, back, and thighs are cramping up when I walk. I haven't dropped but I sure am uncomfortable! I just need to make it through these next two days of much as I'm looking forward to Spring Break, it also means saying good bye to my kids which I'm so dreading. I'm secretly hoping that I do in fact make it to our induction date and maybe if I'm feeling well enough I can go back to work for those 2 days after break...only time will tell!

Post Summary: Diabetes sucks. Baby is awesome. I am *almost* ready for this to be over.


Devon said...

Awww...BB-- I had to do the 24 collection too with my high blood pressure. It's kinda yucky since you have to store it in the fridge. I had BPP too on M and R mornings. Feel for you. It's almost over!!!

Lauren said...

Does that mean the GD may not just be GD? Does he think it will still go away after the pregnancy is over? I'm sorry you're having to deal with that! You have a great attitude though. I'd be so down about the insulin shots--I hate needles. Stay strong! I'm praying for a quick and easy delivery for you and that you make it through at least next week with an inside baby!

Ali said...

What an appointment! What on earth could the tech mean? If I were you I think I'd wish she hadn't said anything at all.
I really hope you don't have diabetes. That would be a lot to handle on top of a new baby.
Hope the next few weeks go well!