Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Abigail is 3 weeks old!

It seems like it's been so much longer though :) I chalk it up to round the clock care...she's still pretty sleepy during the day and up every 2 hours at night. At this point I'm pretty exhausted! But she's growing and thriving and that's what matters! At her weight check up on Tuesday she weighed 8 lbs 13oz! Exactly what Audrey weighed when she was born, lol. Abby is eating about 3 1/2 ounces. Sometimes she'll eat 2oz, fall asleep, and wake within an hour to finish. Sometimes she'll take 4 oz at once!

My milk production is out of control...I started going 3-4 hours between pumping sessions and I even skip a session during the night (usually the 2 am!) The other day I ran out of storage containers so I froze most of what I had in the fridge...96 ounces! I have a good freezer stash already and soon I'll have to relocate the bags to our other freezer.

Our days are pretty routine: I'm up around 7 to pump and feed Abby (Chris has been taking over this feeding when he can.) Once Abby is fed I put her in the swing. I watch the news until I hear Audrey. Sometimes I'm pumping or feeding Abby when Audrey wakes up. If Chris is still home he gets her up; otherwise she waits patiently for me in her crib. She eats breakfast while I wash all the bottles from overnight. The rest of the morning for Audrey is spent playing, singing and dancing, and watching tv (Nick JR and Disney Jr are my new BFFs.) If Abigail is awake we try to do tummy time.

I think we may start potty training. This morning Audrey came to me and said she wanted her pajamas off. So I took them off; then she wanted her diaper off..."Nakey baby!" she said, lol. So we set her potty in the living room and she went back and forth from sitting on it to standing. She must've peed on the floor (the wood floor, thankfully) 5 times. Each time I rushed her to the potty and reminded her to try and pee ON the potty, not the floor. After about an hour she decided she wanted her diaper back on. We'll try again tomorrow morning! I'm not pushing anything for right now, just following her cues. I do plan on hitting it hard over the summer, so long as she's ready.

Audrey still takes her nap, usually around 12:30. Lately it's been short, though, around 90 minutes. Usually it's between 2-3 hours. I try to nap when both girls are napping but it rarely the time I've eaten lunch Abby is waking up. I've got to try timing that a little better :) The afternoon is pretty routine as well. Audrey wakes up and eats lunch, plays while I feed and tend to Abby. Chris gets home and makes dinner and takes care of Abby so I can pump and get Audrey ready for bed. We swaddle Abby between 8-9, depending on when she eats. I've been going to bed while she sleeps in her swing. Chris puts her in the co-sleeper when he comes to bed. I'm back up between 11-12 to feed Abigail and pump. I feed her in the living room so I can watch tv. She goes into the bouncer while I pump and she falls right back to sleep. Then it's back into the co-sleeper where that routine is repeated at around 2 am, 4 am, and 6 am.

I can go 2-3 days at home before I get cabin fever. On Monday we took our first walk through town (Audrey loved it; Abigail fell asleep.) We went to the mall on Tuesday after our dr appointment. Audrey loves the play park and I love watching her run around!

Stacy posted more sneak peeks on FB...I'm just loving them so much! I cannot wait to order announcements, make a photo book, and hang them around the house.

I see so much of Audrey in this picture!

I love this one so sweet Audrey Cate!

Thins are going so well and I feel great, aside from the lack of sleep. But I have to say it's not as bad as I expected it to be! I have no problems tending to both kids...when they both need something at the same time (rare) I take care of Audrey first, then Abby. But when Audrey needs something and I'm in the middle of feeding Abby or pumping, she is so patient! I just love her, she's such a good little girl. I'm hoping she continues to be a good helper as Abigail gets older and in need of more attention. I think she will be; she's a very special kid! I'm loving my life with two girls :)


caroline said...

When Charlie was born I started pushing out Jacob's afternoon nap so that they would be napping together. Charlie still takes a morning nap until about noon and then they both go down for a nap around 2pm. The times when you can get them to sleep together are priceless!! So glad things are going well. Seems like you've got a great thing going :)

Jenn said...

Im so nervous about two babies at home!!!!! What are you doing/ eating/ etc to have so much of a supply? I had almost nothing to give to EK when I pumped and she had trouble latching. The breastfeeding only worked for 6 weeks. I plan to go longer this time and I need any advice I can get...starting from day 1! (and I call myself an experienced mom, ha!)

SB said...

Jenn- I'm not doing anything special at all! I started pumping in the hospital the day after she was born and I tried very hard to stick with a 2 hour routine. The first 2 days or so I only got an ounce of colostrum each I'd give her that first, then formula. When my milk came in I gave her formula for a few days while I built up my fridge stash. I'd say after one week she was completely on breast milk. I think the key was pumping as often as possible in those early days. You'll do great!