Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birth Story Part I

Did my water REALLY just break?
Wednesday 4/27/11

I usually go to bed shortly after Audrey but I couldn’t fall asleep. Chris came to bed and we talked for awhile about the baby and how excited we were. Eventually around 11:00 I decided to get up for awhile. I sat at the computer and worked on my sub plans when I suddenly felt a small gush. I waddled to the bathroom, mortified. No friggin way had my water broke…did I pee myself? I was so hoping I had just peed myself.

I called Chris into the bathroom. He’d only been asleep for an hour so he was pretty out of it. He said that since I wasn’t having contractions, it probably wasn’t my water. I wasn’t so sure, but I changed and went back to lesson planning. Then it happened again a few minutes later! I called my SIL in a panic. She convinced me to call my OB citing that if in fact my water did break, the baby needs to be born within 12-24 hours. Damn it!

I woke up Chris again and told him I thought my water really did break and that I was calling the doctor. He was still pretty tired and said, “Ok, well, I’ll be waiting for the good news!” Okaaaay, lol. I called the answering service and Dana the midwife called right back. She said I definitely needed to come in. Instead of waking Chris up right away I decided to get everything packed. I ran around like mad putting last minute things in my suitcase, packing Audrey’s overnight bag, and tidying up. That’s when the contractions started…not painful and I didn’t bother timing them.

I finally woke up Chris. He still wasn’t convinced! “We don’t have to go just yet! Why don’t you come to bed for a bit.” UGH! I put his hand on my rock hard belly and said, “I’m having contractions…we need to go!” He shot right up and that’s when it seemed to hit him. He showered while I called my MIL to tell her it was time. My contractions started to get more intense but not too bad. I honestly felt like we had plenty of time. And I was still in shock that this was happening already. I thought I had another week! We put the bags in the car, grabbed Audrey and headed off to my MIL’s house.


Ali said...

How exciting! Can't wait to read more!

Ava said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see the rest of the story!