Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Birth Story Part III

Let’s Do This!

2:25 am- We got to the hospital and walked up to L&D where we checked into a triage room. The nurse who helped deliver Audrey walked in! Betty got all of my health history and Dana (the midwife who I'd spoken to earlier on the phone) did the internal. By now it was about 3 am and I was a “stretchy” 3 cm dilated and the baby was down. I found that hard to believe because I still felt her up sooo high! Contractions were pretty uncomfortable now and I kept leaking water.

Waiting in triage for “Number Two!”

4:00 am- We got checked into room 3075, and met our nurse. IV was inserted and someone came to draw my blood for the lab. I was still having contractions and even though they were still minutes apart they were VERY intense. I had to really breathe through each one. As time went by they got worse and I was nearly crying through the last few. I had to wait until I’d gone through 2 bags of fluid and for my blood work to come back before the anesthesiologist would come (ETA: 30 MINS.)

4:30 am- Dr. Wood was awesome! A totally goofy doctor who seriously had a joke for everything. I sat up and faced the nurse who helped hold me as I curved my back. The epi went in and took mostly to the left side. I rolled over on my right to get the meds flowing. It was so weird to feel contractions on one side and not the other! After about 15 minutes my left was completely numb but I could still feel and move my right leg and foot. Dr. Wood gave me a stronger medicine and that did the trick! Within minutes everything was numb and my entire lower body felt like lead. My catheter was inserted and I was so ready for rest!

Feeling good!

5:50 am- Epi is in full effect, I was 4 cm and could.not.sleep! Chris and I tried to get some rest but we were just too excited! I’d almost doze off, then I’d be wide awake again.

My dr was supposed to be in that morning at 8:00 (I was supposed to have a regular appt with him at 10 right next door!) They called and told him I was in labor and he wanted to know if I could wait for him. Of course, I said! I was in no hurry…I was feeling great and really hoping to get some sleep (I never did, lol.) Dr. K called around 8:30 to say he was stuck in traffic. Meanwhile I got a new nurse, Sandra…she was so amazing! I just loved her. I was checked and told the baby was RIGHT THERE. Dana said if I opened my legs the baby would probably slide right out! I felt her getting lower and lower every few minutes and it did feel like she was going to slide out on her own!

I ran over the names in my head...Abigail Mae and Benjamin Scott. Soon we'd know which one we were about to meet. We were so thrilled the big moment was finally here...


Ali said...

Sob! So exciting!

The Steens said...

We havent had internet in a week because of the storm and I logged in to see some amazing news!!! I am so happy for you, and was totally shocked to see that you have another (beautiful of course) girl!! Im so happy for you! I also cant wait to see more pictures


PS - great name choice for a boy;)