Saturday, May 7, 2011

My First Outing with the Girls

Audrey's dance class isn't over until the end of June. We pay month to month and we could've easily called April her last month. I briefly considered stopping until the Fall but I just couldn't do it...her dance class is something special we get to do every week. I look forward to it just as much as she does and I just didn't want to give it up. Of course Christopher had to work, lol. I was still determined to was going to be my first outing with both girls all by myself...but I was ready!

Chris gave Abby her 6 am feeding so I could sleep in (THANK GOD! This is the worst time of day for me because I know Audrey will up soon after Abby is done eating...and I'm just dead exhausted from being up throughout the night.) When I woke up I was able to pump and feed Audrey breakfast. I hit the shower and got myself ready while Audrey went back and forth between dancing in the bathroom and watching Disney in our bedroom. Abigail slept in the bathroom (loud music, bright lights and all!) Abby started to wake up as Chris was leaving. I fed her, changed her, and put her back down to get Audrey ready...but Abby didn't not want to be put down. She was crying non-stop...which she NEVER does (of course not, not until this moment!) I gave her another bottle (she drank about an ounce) and she passed out. Phew! We were out of the house and packed into the car by 9:30...success!

We arrived at the studio and everyone was surprised to see us! They oohed and ahhhed over Abby and even offered to help if she woke up during class :) But she didn't...she slept contently in her car seat as I participated with my sweet Audrey Cate. She was thrilled to be back at class and she did SO WELL! I'm incredibly proud of her.

Afterwards we went to Sonic and came home. Audrey went down for an early nap and I woke up Abby to feed her. She pretty much slept the rest of the afternoon and evening. We went out to dinner with my IL's to celebrate Mother's Day. We stopped on the way home for some DQ and by 8:00 I was ready for bed! I went to sleep early while Chris watched Abby. It's been smooth sailing so far because Abigail sleeps all.the.time. And I'm enjoying it while it lasts!


Ali said...

Wow! Very brave! I'm so glad Abby was such a trooper.

Leanne said...

You are so brave! I haven't even gotten behind the wheel, yet! Let alone take both kids out by myself! And to be participating in dance class? What a trooper! You must be the most fun mama around! Your girls are so lucky! I have my mother-in-law at my house right now and she has been cooking, cleaning, entertaining Lucas and holding Caroline when I need a break! I don't really need her, but I'm totally milking it! :)

Jenn said...

I cannot believe you participated in dance class! I know with Emma Kate I didnt even attempt to drive until after my 6 week appointment. What a brave and loving mommy!