Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Words from the Wise: Part One

When I was pregnant with Audrey our school bookkeeper made me leave my room for an hour...she told me to go take a break so that she could do a special project with my kids. That special project was a book filled with predictions about the baby (boy, girl, height, weight, names, etc.) and best of all, advice. As you can imagine, it was a joy to read and something I will cherish forever.

So I definitely wanted another baby book for BB #2. My last group of kids have been my most favorite (I was with them for 2 years!) and I was really excited to see what they'd come up with.

Some of the highlights:

7 thought I'd have a girl, 9 thought boy

They came up with some very nice names...for girls- Lily, Annie (oh how I love this name!), Allie, Maxine, Sabrina, Amy, Katie, Alice. For boys- Jack, Enrique (hehe), Will, Anthony, Drake, Chris, Junior, Nick, Matt, James, Andrew, Brady.

They were told that my due date was May 7th but that many babies come early or late. The latest due date I got was May 24th (ha!) The closest date was April 25th.

Even though these are 3rd graders, they don't necessarily grasp the concept of height and weight, at least not for a newborn baby. While most of them were very good with their predictions (most said 7-8 lbs), some were so funny! For height I got 10, 14, and 25 inches. For weight I got 11, 5, a couple of 10s, and 20 lbs (seriously?!)

Now onto my favorite parts of the book...advice!

What advice do you have for Mr. & Mrs. Burns about how to take care of Baby Burns?

"Always watch the baby."

"Before letting the baby take a nap, warm milk and let it drink for 2 minutes and then it will fall asleep."

"To love and care for him or her."

"Good luck. Try not to spend a whole lot."

"Take care of the baby how you took care of Audrey."

"Always feed him or her and give him or her a bath."

"Feed and care for them first thing in the morning."

"Give it toys when it is crying."

"Always listen to Baby Burns."

"Show it to Audrey and keep doing it until Audrey gets used to her."

"Be nice parents and feed Baby Burns."

"Feed Baby Burns in the morning, afternoon, and at night. Put Baby Burns to bed in the afternoon. When you hear Baby Burns get him up."

"Do not spoil Baby Burns too much or Audrey will feel left out."

And my personal favorite, from a girl with 3 little siblings:
"If Baby Burns cries put ear plugs in your ears."

They also wrote messages to Audrey:

"Help your mom out and be nice."

"Be careful with the baby."

"Don't be mean and show him or her around."

"Don't be jealous when they're taking care of him or her."

"Help her walk."

"Never bite or hit."

"Be nice and kind to Baby Burns."

"Please play with the baby, read to the baby, and watch tv with the baby."

"Never ever tell her what to do or you'll have a lot of fights."

"Take good care of your baby brother or sister and watch out for him or her."

I titled this post Part One because while I was gone my amazing sub had them make a book for Audrey on what it means to be a big sister. That deserves its own post!

Some pictures of Abby from this morning- I had her all to myself while Audrey slept in!

So many expressions, just like her big sister :)


Leanne said...

Too cute! What an awesome gift from your students! I can't wait to hear the story/advice for Audrey about being a big sister! I teach high school, so you can imagine the things I heard from my students before having my baby girl! :) Miss Abby is getting so cute and big! I can't believe both our girls are almost 3 months old!

Amy said...

Love her great expressions!

Jenn said...

What a cute idea for your students to make a sweet book like that! Abby is making the sweetest faces :)

Lauren said...