Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sweet girls!

Abigail has totally found her voice lately. She makes these loud, "AHHHHH!!! WAAAAAH!!" sounds that crack us up. It really is adorable, but she's so loud that she echoes through the house (not so good when Audrey is trying to sleep!) I love this video because a) it's a perfect sample of how she sounds b) she laughs and grins a lot and c) she chews on her fingers (she loves her fingers!):

I'm trying to include Abigail in whatever Audrey is doing. One way I do that is when Audrey sits down to eat. Abby watches her and smiles. This time, Audrey was actually trying to make Abby smile:

Abby's first time in the exersaucer

Audrey wanted to spin her around

Abby didn't like it

Tummy time...Audrey thinks it's funny that I make such a big deal about Abby lifting her head, lol.

It's so fun to see them interact. Their relationship is slowly but surely coming along!


Leanne said...

Love it! They are both so precious! I have a few random questions for you and was wondering what the best way to reach you would be. Do you have an e-mail you are willing to share?


SB said...

Sure thing!


Michael said...

Lovely girls, they are both pretty and precious!