Sunday, September 4, 2011

Abigail is 4 months old!

4 months and 6 days, because this post is late! It was another great month for our sweetheart.

I'd say the biggest change has been Tummy TIme. She can hold her head up and steady for good amounts of time. She's rolled from tummy to back only a couple of times. She rolls from her back to her side all the time. She is super alert and loves her big sister. She always wants to watch Audrey. She seems to recognize her own name and turns towards new sounds. She continues to smile, laugh and "talk." She's been reaching for toys and grasps them for short periods of time. She loves to reach for her feet and chew on her hands. She gets super excited when she sees her bottle (eyes wide, heavy breathing, grabby!)

She had her 4 month appointment on Thursday. She weighs 15 lbs, 10 oz (90% percentile!!) and she's a little over 24 inches long (I can't remember if it's 1/4 or 3/4 of an inch.) She looks perfect from head to toe and is hitting all developmental milestones. She was cleared for starting baby food, but I'm still planning on waiting until 6 months. She got a shot in each leg (they combined a bunch of vaccines together, phew!) plus an oral vaccine. She goes back at 6 months and will be getting the flu shot (along with Audrey.)

Before we left for her appointment I told Audrey that Abigail was going to see the doctor and get shots. "She will probably cry because they do hurt for a little bit." Audrey ran over to Abby (who was in the bouncer) and patted her leg. "Don't cry, Abby, be HAPPY!!!" She's becoming a wonderful big sister.

I've stopped pumping completely, which has left me a little sore in some places. Overall it hasn't been too bad. I still have a big freezer stash, but it's dwindling fast! She's eating about 5-6 ounces every 3-4 hours (25-30 ounces.) She has a morning bottle, two while at Grandma's, one in the late afternoon at home and then her bedtime bottle. I started mixing 1 oz of formula and so far she's been ok.

She is such a darling girl. I can't kiss her enough!

Sick of taking pictures!

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