Sunday, October 2, 2011

Abigail is 5 months old!

Our sweet girl is already 5 months and can I just say....SLOW DOWN!!! Seriously. I'm finding that I really miss the cuddly newborn phase. Every night I swaddle Abigail and give her a bottle. Then I just hold her and cuddle her. I love this time...she's so warm and cozy and sweet.

There have been a few big changes this month. First, she's super interested in food. She watches us as we eat and you can tell she wants to eat so badly! We've actually given her tiny bits of food (bread, mashed potatoes.) She loved it and would open her mouth as we came closer. I cannot wait to start giving her food in a few weeks!

Abigail started rolling over from back to belly last Sunday. I watched her do it ALL DAY and by that afternoon she was rolling with little effort and super fast! She stays on her tummy for a short period before getting fussy (why she doesn't roll back over? I don't know!) She is SO close to sitting up by herself. I'm hoping this is the month she reaches that milestone :)

She's grabbing for everything. Especially her bottle! I love seeing her reaction to it...eyes get wide, she starts snorting and her hands get all grabby. She reaches for toys, faces, her feet, pretty much everything! She's really enjoying her exersaucer and has been spending more time in it.

She's been bearing weight on her legs. We pull her up and she stands for a few seconds (and she loves it!!!) I think we may get the doorway jumper out soon.

We went through a wakeful period a few weeks ago. I was up several times with her at night, but mostly it was to replace her paci. Luckily we didn't take down the co-sleeper! I hate walking across the house so many times so often I'll bring her, the paci, and the seahorse in and that helps. She looks absolutely huge in the co-sleeper now, lol. She still gets swaddled but more and more often I find that she gets her little hand up near her mouth. I am so, so scared to stop swaddling. But we're nearing the 6 month mark when it will be time to sleep train. I think we should break the swaddle first, see how she does, and then Ferberize if needed. Maybe we'll give it a couple more weeks!

She's still eating 6 oz, every 3-4 hours and she's now taking all formula. She's doing well, aside from spitting up more which I think is common in formula-fed babies. She has her morning bottle at 6:00 am, 2 at Grandma's (10 & 2), one as soon as we get home (5:45) and then her bedtime bottle around 8:00.

I pulled out Audrey's 6-9 month clothes. They are mostly fall and winter because Audrey was wearing them when she was 9-12 months old. Not Abigail! She's wearing 6-9 month shirts and onesies (3-6 month dresses fit her fine but it's getting chilly here!) Get this...she's still wearing 0-3 months in pants. 3-6 month pants are a bit long, but generally fit just fine. I'm pretty happy we won't have to buy a ton of clothes! Again, though, I wish she'd slow down! I would like these clothes to last until Spring!

Teeth must be coming soon. She loves to chew on her hands and they are absolutely covered in drool within minutes. She likes to chew on ours, too. She doesn't really hold and chew her teething toys, hopefully that will change soon. We've been giving her teething tablets and they seem to work well. I feel every day for a bud and I look, but don't see anything.

She smiles and laughs and is such an easy going baby.

Bottle break!

This month went by FAST! I can't wait to see what this month brings :)


Lauren said...

Where did you find teething tablets?! What kind are they? I'm so bummed about the Hyland's tablets being off the market. I loved those things!

SB said...

They're baaaaack!! I'm pretty sure we got them at Target!

caroline said...

Charlie still sleeps with the seahorse! That thing is great :) When we stopped swaddling our boys we just switched them to the Halo sleep sacks and they didn't miss a beat. I really hope we get to move back to VA so we can see each other more!