Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fun-filled Fall Weekend (and Abigail has a tooth!)

I am so happy that October is flying by (usually it drags for me.) I am LOVING my class this year. They are a really great bunch of kids and even though it's a big group, I think they rock! We've had tons of things going on each weekend and we are just exhausted! Christopher started a new job this past week. Very exciting! This weekend we have the Fall Festival at my school and then I'm hoping for some low-key weekends in November.

On Friday we dressed up and stayed at Grandma's house because she was hosting a Bunko party. Abigail's rash had faded so we were very happy about that. Audrey and Isabella ran around and played all night.

On Saturday after dance class and grocery shopping we took the girls to Belvedere. Audrey enjoyed it so much more this year. She still did not want to ride on the pony, though.

Giving her the lollipop at the beginning was a bad idea. It was all she wanted!

Too bad you can't see Abigail :( The sun was all up in her face.

Her first tooth is breaking through! Bottom front left. WOOO HOOO!!

I wish I could've snapped a picture of her face...major cheesing going on!

Tractor ride!

Audrey surprised us so much! From having her face painted to riding the tractor and then the moon bounce! OMG, she's always hated moon bounces. It took a lot of persuading but once she really tried it, she loved it!


I think Chris has been looking forward to getting an apple pie all year. Not even joking.

"I love you, pumpkin."

It was a great weekend. I took a nap with Abigail today and drank coffee at 6:30 pm. I am just so tired! Every night Abigail wakes up multiple times for a paci. Some nights Audrey wakes wanting milk. Here it is 9:00 on Sunday night and there are 4 baskets that need to be folded and I haven't opened my school bag yet. Oh and the house didn't get cleaned. But I'm not stressing because what would be the point? I do wish time would slow down a bit. It's making me sad just how fast Abigail is growing :( And Audrey is such an amazing little girl! I can hardly remember her as a baby (thank goodness for this blog!) There are many times where I just sit and look at them and take it all in. I stop to enjoy how little and sweet and fun they are. This is probably a big reason I have loads of laundry and messy countertops...but oh well :)

Post summary: Fall is in full-swing. My house is a wreck. I am in super love with my family.

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