Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Operation Deswaddle

Operation Deswaddle has been very successful! We went cold turkey on Friday night. Abigail slept beautifully until 3 am when I walked in to find her wide awake and laughing. Into the co-sleeper she went, where she stayed awake until 5 am (even after many cycles of the sea horse!)...slept on and off until 6 am when Chris said to just bring her into the bed. She finally fell into a good, solid sleep until 8:00. Thankfully Chris got up with Audrey so I got to sleep in, too!

On Saturday night she slept better; only a couple of short-lived wakings that called for a paci. I think I brought her into the co-sleeper around 6 and luckily she fell back to sleep. Slept til about 8:00. Sunday night I think I only had to go in once or twice to give her the paci and she woke up at about 6 am which was perfect! Last night she slept straight through. I didn't have to go in at all!

Overall I feel like deswaddling has been an easy transition! It's more difficult to get her back to sleep when she wakes so early, but I'm hoping that will phase out shortly :)


Leanne said...

We've had our own deswaddling adventure, too! Caroline figured out how to roll over while swaddled! Now she rolls around all night and keeps waking herself (and us) up! We have had several sleepless nights! I am hoping we get through this very soon!! I'm glad Abby is adjusting well!

SB said...

We had to stop because the xtra large swaddle would barely fit across her chest!! Sheesh :) We have her in a long sleeve onesie and a fleece sleepsack. I really hope Caroline starts sleeping better for you!!