Thursday, November 3, 2011


Listening: to the radio. I'm loving so many of the new songs out right now! I need an iTunes gift card for Christmas...

Eating: chocolate chip muffins. I make a batch on Sunday mornings and they last all week. They are delish! Thank goodness I'm not on my diabetic diet anymore.

Drinking: coffee. We recently bought Chock Full of Nuts from DD and OMG it is GOOD.

Wearing: pre-baby clothes! And my infinity scarf. Love that thing!

Feeling: so behind. On everything. Well, everything expect loving on my kids :)

Weather: cold one minute, warm the next. Deciding on my outfit is now very frustrating.

Wanting: boots. But I'm so picky I can't find any that I like!

Needing: some wine would be sooo nice right now! I need to put Bug Juice on my Christmas list, too.

Thinking: we'd better not get screwed over on snow days this year, damn it!

Enjoying: the fact that I have the day off tomorrow :)


caroline said...

I know what you mean about boots. I need a brown pair but every pair I see that I like are $$$. I need to win the lottery. I'll probably just end up with another knock off pair of Uggs from :)

SB said...

No judgement, here! I've had the same Ugg knock offs for over 2 years! They are so ugly but so comfy :)

Jill said...

Chock Full O'Nuts is my coffee!!! I've drank it forever, I grew up with my parents drinking it too. It is the best.