Sunday, November 20, 2011

It was a week.

I experienced a major downside to being a working mom. I always knew it existed, but I got hit with it hard this week. When one of your babies is sick and all you want to do is stay home and cuddle with them, but you have to go to work. On Wednesday I was about to get ready for work when I hear Audrey getting sick in her crib. Poor girl kept throwing up and saying, "Look at me! Clean me up, please!" From the looks of it, I thought she had taken some sips of her milk (old by this time) and immediately threw it up. She didn't have a fever and acted just fine.

So I changed her and laid her in my bed with Chris. I got ready, checking on her multiple times. She was just laying awake, hanging out. Chris got up and started getting ready. Then Audrey got sick again. And again a few minutes later. We decided I needed to stay home with her. I put in for a sub (thank goodness my emergency plans were ready!) and I changed into comfy clothes and just cuddled with her in bed. She continued to get sick all day :( Didn't eat a single thing, just drank. She took a long nap on the couch where she spent most of the day.

After her nap she felt much better (played basketball with Dad!) and was up running around and playing. She had a good night's sleep.

The next morning she woke up just as I was leaving. She kept saying that she wanted me. Her cheeks were flushed and she had a slight fever (99.) But what could I do? I didn't have plans made for my sub so I had to go to work. I felt so bad. Thankfully she had Grandma to take care of her, but I still felt like I was letting her down. To make matters worse, I had 2 conferences after school and my 3rd graders were performing in the evening for parents. So it was an extra long day! Originally Chris was going to bring both girls to school, but he only brought Abigail (which I was very thankful for!)

Thank goodness Audrey woke up in the best mood and all better on Friday. She said, "I'm not sick anymore!" I have used up so many days this year and we've been in school for less than 3 months! But that is what sick days are for, and my first job is my babies so I don't feel too badly. Lesson learned: have 2 straight days of emergency sub plans :)

It's funny the way the girl's schedules work out when we're at home. In the morning I get to enjoy both girls at the same time. The Abigail takes a long morning nap while Audrey is still going strong. Around 1:00 Audrey takes her nap and Abigail wakes up. By the time Audrey wakes up, Abigail is back down for her afternoon nap. They finally see each other again when she wakes up, lol. I love when I get one-on-one time with each sweet girl, and I love seeing them start to play together. It's the best of both worlds! I took these when Audrey was passed out on the couch:

Adorable Abby

BAHAHA! Her newest thing is blowing raspberries (just like Audrey used to do!)

It was a crazy, stressful week but not without some wonderful moments :)

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Leanne said...

Oh!! I feel for you (and Audrey!)! Glad she is feeling better. I will NEVER forget driving to work and Lucas throwing up all over the car. Thank goodness Papaw's house was on the way. I dropped him off there because I had to go to work! I felt so bad about it! And yes! That's what those sick days are for!! Job number one= mama and you are a great mama!