Friday, November 25, 2011

Putting up the tree (EARLY!!)

My wonderful husband dragged up the tree two days early for me! He loathes anything Christmas before Thanksgiving (his favorite holiday.) I love you, honey!!

First ornament on the tree! Audrey did such a great job. This is the first time she's helped to decorate it. Usually it's completely done during her nap. I'm so glad I let her help. We blasted Christmas music and I laid out the ones she could hang.

Proud of herself :)

All done!

I'm hoping Abigail gets some ornaments this year- a lot of our tree is covered with Audrey's!

Audrey loves the tree. She likes to lay on the floor and spin the yellow Beetle ornament. Sometimes she calls it her tree. She scolded Abby when she knocked down some ornaments. But when I explained that she was allowed to touch them, and it was ok if they fell, she laid off :)

So far my most memorable Christmas was when we had Audrey. I think this one is going to be great, too! She's just so into everything and it's so amazing to relive a childhood Christmas.

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