Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wonderful week!

I had been looking forward to last week for a loooong time! Aside from the dreaded 24 report cards and parent conferences (I actually like the conferences- the report cards are just so time-consuming!) it was awesome. Tuesday was a work day- a for real work meetings or professional development classes. I spent most of the day on report cards but at least I didn't have to do them at home :) Thursday was an early out for conferences and I didn't mind staying until 7:30 because we had Friday off for Veteran's Day.

Abigail hasn't really needed Ferber. On Sunday she had a super long afternoon nap and went to bed easily. All week she stayed on a perfect schedule for Grandma. Cereal at about 8, nap around 10, bottle at noon. Nap again at 2 and bottle around 4. I give her cereal when we get home between 5:30-6:00 and she gets a big 8 oz bottle at bedtime around 8:00. This weekend she did awesome with naps and bedtime, too! I did cheat on Saturday afternoon when Chris urged me to nap with her on our bed :) I just love that time with her!

I can't believe that sweet Audrey Cate will be THREE next month! I've started planning her birthday party (pray for no sickies this time!) She's having a fancy tea party. All she can talk about is how she wants a play kitchen and the Lalaloopsy clubhouse. This is such a difference from last year. The holidays are going to be so much more exciting now that she's old enough to enjoy everything. I want to start Elf on the Shelf with her. I want her to help decorate the tree, learn Christmas songs, make Pintastic crafts, and choose gifts for people. I am so excited!!!!!

As great as this week has been, I've been in pain since Thursday. I started feeling this awful ache on my right side, from the top of my breastbone down to my rib cage. I have no idea what it could be and it still hurts, hasn't eased up at all. It intensifies when I inhale and when I move. It's nearly unbearable when I cough or sneeze. Leaning over and picking up the babes is very hard and so is reaching for anything. I will probably give it a couple more days before I go to the doctor. I just don't want to overreact and take up anyone's time (or miss time with my girls.) The only thing I can think of is that it's a strained muscle from the wretched cough I've had. At night I coughed so bad I actually got sick a few times. I still have a cough but it's not nearly as bad as it was. I'm just so uncomfortable and I want it to go away, or at least subside a bit. We shall see!

Today we had family pictures taken with Stacy Hart. I can't wait to see how they come out- I just love working with her! You must check out her page if you live in the area!

This is our last full week before Thanksgiving Break. I am super excited!


Ali said...

How sweet! I love reading about Audrey b/c she is 2 months older than my little girl and it is like a sneak preview!
I'm sorry you are feeling sick - from what you described, it reminds me a lot of the symptoms I had - cough and then pain - from walking pneumonia, but a pulled muscle makes sense too!

CarolineR said...

I love Abby's eating faces! She looks like Charlie with that seahorse...when I turn it on at night he will put his forehead up against it's You're going to have a great time with Audrey this's so fun to relive all of your childhood excitement through them.