Sunday, December 4, 2011


Ok, where's the snow? :)

December is going to be super crazy busy and I'm so scared it's going to fly by! Audrey's birthday party is on Saturday (we're going to my school's pancake breakfast first!) Next weekend is Grandma's Christmas party (SANTA! I KNOW HIM!) Then Christopher's birthday. Then it's Audrey's birthday and Christmas. OMGEEEE. Luckily the girls are done for presents (thank you Cyber Monday!) But we have a lot to do for Audrey's party this week. I'm very excited about it because last year we had to cancel it at the last minute because she was sick. And of course this week she's had a cold. Fingers crossed that she gets over it and no one else gets it (especially Abigail!)

Abigail has been eating so well!! I'm just loving that we can give her what we're having. The other night she had green beans.

Tonight she had spaghetti (and went directly into the bath!)

I love how she slurps up the noodles, lol.

We never bathe her in the sink, but we will from now on. It's just so much easier! Until she can sit up and steady in the real bath with Audrey, this is her bath for now!

I love this time of year. I started working on Christmas cards today. Only 13 school days until break!


best pre workout supplement 2012 said...

Cute photos.. I really love it!

caroline said...

We loved the sink with Jacob but used the bath seat with Charlie in the tub with Jacob and it worked awesome. A real time saver. The suction cups won't stick to a tub that has a textured bottom (which our does) but it still worked great and never tipped on us.