Monday, January 16, 2012

Things I Don't Want to Forget

Abigail is 8 1/2 months old and she's reached a few milestones in the past couple of weeks: army crawling (she's super fast and makes room transitions!) In fact, if she sees you coming after her (or if she wants you!) she'll try to go faster, lol. It's really hard keeping her out of Audrey's room (aka Land of Lalaloopsy and all things chokable.) She's clapping and waving and gets into a sitting position all by herself :)

Audrey is super excited to be the flower girl in Aunt Kelly's wedding next month. She tells everyone. She wants to watch youTube videos of other flower girls. She really, really wants to wear the flower girl dress that hasn't even arrived yet. Kelly gave her some rose petals to practice with and she does a great job.

Yesterday Audrey and I were at Macy's paying for our things. She told the sales girl, "I have a baby. Her name is Abby- but sometimes I call her Abigator."

Audrey seems to want every toy she sees. But luckily instead of asking us to get them for her, she just says, "Maybe Santa will bring them." I'm thinking the Easter bunny will be a little more generous ;)

I love, love, love how Abigail sings. Right before I lay her down I rock her over my shoulder for a few minutes. She just sings so softly I never want to put her down! And now she'll sing in the car right before she falls asleep (she's always falling asleep in the car, even if she's just woken up from a good nap!)

Audrey is definitely experiencing the ups and downs of sisterhood. She can be totally enjoying Abigail one minute, then fending her off the next. She does not want Abigail around her creations. We're trying to teach her to give Abigail a toy to play with to distract her. But more often than not all we hear is, "Abby, no! Mom, come get Abby, she's getting my stuff!" A couple of times we've caught her dragging Abby away by the pant legs (sooo funny!)


Ali said...

My daughter says the exact same thing about toys. She sees Santa as the source of unlimited toys.

Leanne@lifehappenswhen said...

So sweet! Yes, Lucas is learning the ups and downs of having a sister, too. They are getting to be so playful together, but she really gets in his way sometimes! We've taught him to do the same thing- give her a toy for distraction! But Caroline is pretty determined to get/do what she wants! Such a fun time!

L.S. said...

I love the mental image of Audrey dragging Abigail away by her pant leg! I can't believe Philip hasn't thought of that yet! LOL