Friday, April 27, 2012

One year ago today...

One year ago today I spent the entire day blissfully pregnant and unaware that it would be my last day as a monther of one. Today everything around me is a reminder that I have not one, but two lovely girls. It's amazing how much has happened in just one year! At exactly this time last year I was anxiously pacing between the office and the nursery, texting my SIL, all while getting things ready for the hospital. I remember panicking because I had not at all expected to be giving birth a week early. But at the same time I was sofreakingexcited! This was a big water broke, it's time to go! Just a few days earlier we had been talking about how exciting that moment is- the not knowing when it will happen, and then when it does there's the excitement of rushing to the hospital. As nervous as I was, I was over the moon and giddy about meeting Baby Burns. This was definitely more exciting than Audrey's birth story :) With her, we put our already-packed bags in the car, went to my appointment, walked the mall, then went straight to the hospital. This time I was frantically packing my last-minute items and for some reason feeling the need to tidy up the ENTIRE house before we left. The contractions were getting more intense and as drove in the middle of the night to Grandma's. I was thankful that it was so late (no traffic!) Finally getting the epidural after having a few contractions that made me whine like a baby. Trying to sleep once the epi set in, but not being able to because I was just too excited. Once again, giving birth was easy...just a couple of pushes and those awesome life-changing words, "IT'S A GIRL!" My baby will be one tomorrow and I just cannot believe it!

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