Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break- Days 1 & 2

Oh how I love Spring Break! Spring doesn't officially start for me until now. It's also a Summer tease :) Staying home and playing with the girls while getting little things done around the house is my fave. I know- I'm so boring, lol.

On Monday we had a nice lazy morning. I was up early to enjoy my morning cup(s) of coffee while everyone slept. When the girls got up we all hung out and watched Dad get ready for work. We played in Abby's room for while (I started cleaning out her closet, too.) During Abby's morning nap I was able to put dinner in the crockpot & clean out the food pantry. Then I took the girls for a walk in their wagon. It was such a beautiful Spring day. When the girls took their afternoon nap I cleaned out the fridge and painted some wall frames. We had a fun evening just hanging out, then the girls had their baths and went to bed. Actually, I let Audrey stay up a bit later- we cuddled and watched part of a movie until about 9:00. Didn't feel like a typical Monday, that's for sure!

Hanging out with Abs, first thing in the morning :)

Abigail is so serious!

Audrey is so silly!

I notiiced that some of the flowers in our yard are really starting to bloom! Butterfly was an added bonus!

I love that this looks like a heart!

I can't wait for this whole bush to be filled with white blossoms. It's my favorite!

Abigail was in one of her "I will cry until you pick me up" moods...

...so I blew some bubbles and she was totally fine :)

Audrey, chillin and eating some pretzels as Abigail pulls on her dress, lol.

This morning the girls slept in- until about 8:00. Audrey woke up and said, "I want to get dressed. I want to wear a dress- not a shirt." She is so her father's child in that way, lol. I'll stay in my lounge wear alll day long if I can! We played in Audrey's room and I started tidying up/packing away some toys. After Abby's nap we went outside and played with bubbles. Then we took another stroll in the wagon. Audrey sang, "F-A-M-I-L-Y" :)

This is my view, turned around. Abigail was holding on to the back of my pants and walking right behind me as I made her breakfast :)

Catching bubbles

Love these little beauties!

Later in the afternoon, Audrey and I played Zingo (she's so good at reading her card and the word chips!!)

Thinking hard!

This is right after she put her hands on the floor, stood straight up and took a step to get to me!! Love her sweet face!!!!

We had dinner, played with bubbles outside and then hung out the rest of the night. A great start to Spring Break!

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