Sunday, July 15, 2012


So far summer has been UH-MAZING! Hanging out with my girls, spending time with friends and family, reading lots of books, getting things done around the house...not having anywhere to go has been such a nice change of pace.

A typical summer day consists of me waking up before the girls and having my coffee/internet/reading time. The girls are up anywhere between 7-8. We have breakfast and play until nap time (noon.) While they nap I get things done around the house (mostly I'm cleaning up the tornado of a mess they made!) I really love nap's so quiet and I can just relax and read without interruptions. I swear the quickest way to get my kids' attention is to sit down and look comfortable :)

After naps (which can last anywhere from 1-3 hours) we have lunch and play all over again. They eat dinner between 6-7 while I make dinner for Chris and myself (unless he's cooking.) Since he's home so late we can't really eat all together. Abigail is in bed between 7-7:30. With her having one nap a day, she is more than ready for bed by then. Audrey stays up until 8-8:30. Usually we'll go out and sit on the front porch with a popsicle and chat. I love that time with her. She is so fun to talk to. I think it's so important to have alone time with each girl...I hope I can always manage to get that in somehow.

I stay up late reading or catching up on TV. It's not like during the school year when I go to bed right after the girls. I love the fact that I don't have an alarm to wake up to the next day. I think I'm getting less sleep but without school to constantly think about, I really do have more energy and feel well rested.

With that being said, I'm already (slightly) looking forward to getting back to a daily routine...especially with Audrey going to school! Not only that, but these girls need a break from each other! Abigail always wants to be near Audrey- she follows her around and is always going after the toys that Audrey is playing with. I know that she is just trying to be like her big sister. Unfortunately Audrey is not nearly as understanding. She freaks out and SCREAMS if Abigail is coming near something that Audrey has been working on. It's like Abigail is Godzilla. I spend a lot of time refereeing between those two!

Abigail doesn't seem to play as independently a Audrey did and I'm sure it's because Audrey didn't have anyone to follow around. When I separate them (at Audrey's request) I can usually get Abigail distracted enough to play in her room by herself and she does well for short periods of time. When we go back to school she will have Grandma (and on some days Chris) all to herself. I'm hoping she'll learn how to entertain herself better.

For now I'm enjoying every moment with the girls (even the not-so-great ones!) I heart Summer :)

Last day of dance class! I love sneaking in to watch them sleep. Totes relaxed :) See? Wherever Audrey goes, Abigail is not far behind... They made up a game where Audrey chases after Abigail and swats the ball with the fly swatter. They laugh so hard! One of the few words she says is "ball!" First night in her big girl bed...she did great! Another game they like to play... She also says "WEEEEEE!" when something is fun :) Abigail LOVES to float around in the pool. She seems completely relaxed and content to watch everyone else swim around.

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