Sunday, September 16, 2012


We just finished up week 2 of school and it's been wonderful!

She woke up extra early on the first day...made my life easier :)

Audrey LOVES school. Her teachers have said she's an excellent peer model. I just love seeing her there...walking in the hallway, playing at recess, and being so engaged in her classroom. She did a painting project the very first day of school and her yellow school bus is hanging outside the classroom door. The teacher in me was super excited to see this, lol. She gets a little report sent home each day. It talks about her favorite part of the day, how much of her lunch she ate, and any other little details. So far each day has been "happy." She likes to sing some of the songs they're learning..."Rise and shine and welcome to school today!" I'm so happy for her.

She does pretty well in the mornings, getting up and dressed. She eats her breakfast (a biscuit) in the car or when we get to school. She hangs out in my class for about half an hour until her teacher (and a few little friends) come to pick her up. She is quite entertaining to my big kids :) She's already been to the nurse once (fell and hit her head- which matched the nasty, nasty bruise on her cheek that she got the night before school started!) We went to our first Spirit Night and it was a blast- she even braved the playground with the help of one of my boys :)

Speaking of my 2nd graders...WOW! What a bunch of sweethearts. I am soooo blessed this year. I already adore them all!

The only sucky thing about this year so far is dismissal at the end of the day- the busses are so freaking late picking up the kids. By the time I get Audrey from my Dad's house it's nearing 5:00. And by that time the traffic blows. I'm hoping they get their stuff together soon.

Also, it's been difficult getting to Audrey's dance class on time. Originally I had planned on having Abby take a class the same night so we could free up our Saturdays. Unfortunately they cancelled Abby's class due to low interest. I'm thinking about switching Audrey back to Saturday mornings...I don't see Abby at all on Wednesdays! By the time we get home it's bed time and I'm just not cool with that :(

They miss each other during the day!

Our school year is off to an incredible start!


Lauren S. said...

That's so nice that you're "going to school together." She's always remember how special that time was. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of Audrey, I'm a part time art teacher for the moment and I miss setting up my classroom so I love to read about yours:)
Also I have your dress in the first photo, from GAP right? I have washed and worn mine so many times it's starting to look done, but yours looks great!

SB said...

Thanks Caroline! I love that comfy and easy to move around in :)