Monday, May 6, 2013

Boy or Girl?

That's the big question. I briefly considered finding out this time, just to have that experience. But the fist two times were a surprise and just too amazing. And not just the birth- the entire pregnancy was a huge anticipation. So we're definitely going to be surprised again!

What's funny to me is that so many people ask if we want it to be a boy this time. Not really! I mean, we definitely weren't trying for this one, in fact, we were very happy with just the two girls. We already have my nephew to carry on the family name (and maybe another on the way!) And who knows, one of our girls might end up keeping the Burns name like my SIL did. The way I see it, it's just a name. Our grandkids will still be our grandkids and carry on our heritage no matter what the last name. So, in short, no, we really don't prefer a boy.

In fact, for awhile I was pretty scared this would end up being a boy. What do I know about boys? Aren't you supposed to be tougher with them? Take them mud-bogging and fishing and hunting? That's not at all how I am with the girls. I smother them with kisses and I'm super lovey-dovey with them. I constantly feed their little egos. If I did that with a boy, would he end up being a Momma's Boy? Lol. See- I have NO CLUE about boys. I am a girly-girl myself...give me lace, pearls, and pink any day! I am counting on my friends with boys to help me out big time!

Then a good friend of mine brought up a great point- Scott (in fact, she was one of his teachers!) I was 15 when he was born, so I have a good memory of how we all treated him, of how he was raised. I remember doting on him and giving him lots of hugs and kisses (he was SUCH an affectionate kid!) Once I thought about it, he wasn't raised any differently than my girls. He's almost 18 now and such an amazing guy...funny, kind, responsible, selfless. Maybe having a boy wouldn't be so scary after all.

However, I think we're having another girl, lol. It's not that I feel or look any differently, but when I see our future, I see us with a trio of beautiful little girls. I could be wrong, of course, but that's what my Mother's Intuition tells me! Only time will tell, but I'm so, SO excited that we're not finding out. There is nothing like the mounting anticipation of the weeks, days, hours, MINUTES, SECONDS before delivery. There's just nothing like it, and I know in my heart that whether it's a boy or girl- this baby was made just for us!


Leanne@lifehappenswhen said...

I LOVE that you don't find out, especially since all of our pregnancies have corresponded! :) I can live vicariously through you AND let my Type A personality loose with my own baby on the way!! :) You make beautiful girls and I have no doubt your boy would be equally amazing! You would be an awesome mama to a boy!! What an exciting time for you all!!

Laura said...

Ok, I have two boys and have no clue what mud bogging is (is this a southern thing? I'm from MA.) and nobody in my family hunts, so those things are not necessary :) You can totally be affectionate and cuddly with boys, and it is the best. My boys are boys, but also sweet and thoughtful, and it is the best. And the youngest one is a total Mama's boy, and there is nothing wrong with that in my book!