Thursday, June 27, 2013

School’s Out for Summer! (And for the next year!) 25-26 weeks

It’s officially summer and I’m officially a SAHM. Wow. I never thought I’d say that!

One of the first things Chris said to me when I told him we were pregnant: “You are SO not working!” LOL. I initially wanted to just take 12 weeks maternity leave, which would put me back in school right after Winter Break. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense to just take a year off. I’m due October 4th, which means I’ll probably deliver at the end of September. The first few weeks of school are so important- that’s when the rules and expectations and routines are developed…but more importantly, it’s the time I get to bond with my babies! I know that at the end of this pregnancy I’m going to be so huge and exhausted…all of the energy and enthusiasm that goes into the first few weeks of school…I’m just not going to have it. And that’s not fair to my kiddos.

So I’m taking a leave of absence for one year. It guarantees me a teaching job in the county for 2014-15, but not necessarily at the same school. However, after a few heart-to-heart chats with my principal (who is SO supportive and wonderful!), I know there is always a place for me at Gatorland :)

The hardest part of my decision was what to do about Audrey. This year she was in the am preschool class. Next year she would have been in the pm class. She was so welcomed and loved at school (and yes, got a ton of special treatment, lol)- the thought of her NOT being there next year was pretty heartbreaking. She’s made wonderful friends and just loved everything about school. I even considered keeping her there, but I just know that making the 45 minute drive 4x a week with a newborn and toddler would be pushing it. If it were for a full day, it would be different…but for 3 hours? Not so much.

I looked at a ton of preschools, private and public from here to Fredericksburg. I feel like she needs preschool for the social aspect- she needs to be out and making friends (she’s SUCH a social butterfly!!) All the academic stuff I’m not so worried about. I can do things with her at home (although I know I wouldn’t be as consistent OR as innovative as a preschool teacher!) I just feel like I’m keeping her from having valuable social experiences. However, she feels much differently, lol. She LOVES the idea of staying home with me, Abby, and the baby. A few of the schools we looked at were all day, every day. I just know I’d miss her too much! Why am I staying at home just to ship her off to preschool all day? It’s her last year of NOT having to be in school 5 days a week. So, she will stay at home next year. If she’s bored then we’ll revisit the situation mid-year. I did promise her (and the folks at school!) that we’d be back to visit often- Spirit Nights, Fall Festival, etc. I am so confident that she’ll be a Kindergator before we know it!

The end of the year was crazy and hectic and sad. My end of year eval was great, I got all report cards, forms, and records done. Scott helped me load all of my boxes and bins and he brought them all the way here AND lugged everything down to the basement. I was so thankful for his help. I ended up with a sinus and ear infection, probably due to all the dust I was exposed to over the past week! I felt like it was just non-stop for days and days. Now I can finally rest a bit and get to work on this house!

So far I've gotten a lot done in my first week of vaca. I love the nesting phase! It's been so great staying at home and getting things done at my own pace and spending so much time with the girls.

25 weeks

26 weeks (and into the double digits!)

I’m 26 weeks (98 days to go!) My dr says I’m starting to measure big. I weigh 149 and my wedding band is already too tight. I'm up to 26 units of insulin at night and 22 in the am. I'm curious what they'll say at my growth scan in a couple of weeks. I need to start being more careful about eating and I DEFINITELY need to start exercising (I really have no excuses now that I'm home all day!)

So, life is pretty great right now- I'm enjoying the easiness of it all while I can!


Leanne said...

Oh how exciting! I was wondering if you might be staying at home after reading that you weren't sure what to do with Audrey next year and then that she wouldn't be back at the school next year!

I'm so excited for you to have that special time at home with your babies! I've been on a leave of absence from teaching since Caroline was born. My leave was just about to expire, but this new baby coming in August allows us to extend for up to 2 more years. I'm conflicted about whether I'll go back next school year _2014-2015) or the year after, but I love knowing that you're going back to work, too! You have such a positive outlook on working and life, which helps me tremendously! I can't wait to see all the aweseome ways you make the most of staying at home!

SB said...

Thanks, Leanne! You always say the sweetest things :)