Wednesday, September 18, 2013

38 weeks, the waiting game, and a crappy appointment

With Audrey, I couldn't WAIT to get her out. I was huge, miserable, and just SO ANXIOUS about becoming a mom already! We did everything we could to force her out. With Abigail, I wanted her in there as long as possible! I felt pretty good and I was SO SCARED about going from having one child to two. I prayed that each day wasn't "the day."

Now, with baby # 3, I'm in the middle!! This is our last- I want to enjoy every kick, roll, ache, and pain. I love being pregnant despite the 3rd trimester discomfort (and the carpal tunnel, and the finger pricks and shots...) I'm a bit nervous about life with 3 littles and I'm really loving these relaxing, care-free days with just Audrey and Abigail. I am REALLY enjoying my early bedtime and I don't mind too much when I'm awake for an hour or two in the middle of the night. On the other hand, I'm so excited to get this show on the road! I'm disappointed that I'm not showing any signs of readiness. I find myself hoping that when I stand up my water will break, lol. I'm ready to start shedding the many, many pounds I've put on (I'm up from 130 to 165!)

I had an appointment yesterday (the 2-a-week appointments are getting so old- but this was the last week for that!) Dr K was in surgery, which I knew about last week, so I agreed to see another doctor. I ended up waiting 40 minutes for my ultrasound. Then I was put in the back waiting room to wait for my NST. When I'd been there for a total of an hour and a half, I was DONE. Usually I'm in and out within an hour, but I hadn't even been seen to give my sample, take weight and blood pressure, then get hooked up to the NST machine (which I have to stay on for another 20 minutes.) I started walking out (there were no nurses at the station) and I walked over to my doctor's side of the office to find my usual (wonderful!) nurse. I told her what was going on and she said that she'd get me hooked up to the NST. I hesitated- the decision to walk out was not easy for me, I'm such a chicken, lol. But I knew this was important for the baby, so I agreed. She not only got the NST machine out (it was just sitting in an empty room!) She also got a nurse from that side to get me settled.

Luckily after that things went faster, but the doctor was so annoying. All she could talk about was how miserable she was with her cold. Needless to say I didn't mention that I was supposed to be checked for dilation...that can wait until my Friday appointment! I had Audrey with me, and my goodness that girl is wonderful! She was getting impatient, too, but what a trooper she was. I started bringing her with me to my Tuesday appointments because she's great company and I love the time with just her. She loves seeing the babies and small children in the waiting room. She talks to them and it's so cute to see how they react to her :)

Good news is that the baby is about 7 lbs and looks great. The ultrasound tech said she could be off by as much as 2 lbs, which only added to my frustration of the morning. What good is that? UGH!!!!! As upset as I was yesterday, I really had to put the situation in perspective. I have a healthy baby, for which I am so grateful. A long wait isn't the worst thing in the world. It took a while, but I eventually got over myself, lol.

I have an appointment on Friday, another (my last) on Tuesday, induction Wednesday afternoon, baby on Thursday! Hopefully, lol. I talked to a sweet woman in the waiting room yesterday. She just had her third baby 6 weeks ago. She had inductions with her second and third babies because she was 40+ weeks and not dilated at all. She said they were a breeze and assured me that because this was my third I'd have no problems. I guess we'll see! Last night was difficult. I had a few punches to the crotch that had me doubled over and saying a string of bad, bad words. I had a few contractions but they were so far apart and didn't last long at all. I went to bed around 9:00 but was wide awake by 12:15. I took a sleeping pill, prayed that I wouldn't go into labor, then fell back into a blissful sleep for the rest of the night :) So crazy- my carpal tunnel is actually improving! I wonder if the baby has shifted or dropped?

Some recent pics of the lovelies:

Crazy to think that in one week we'll be preparing to go to the hospital. Unless this baby has other plans, I'm going to enjoy the next 7 days as much as possible!


L.S. said...

I cannot believe this is your last week of your pregnancy! I swear your pregnancies are infinitely shorter than my own! ;) Good luck!!

Caroline said...

Thanks for the regular updates! I've followed your blog since before Audrey was born and am quite invested in the story of your family:)
Wishing you a restful few days while you wait for the day you will meet your new wee one. One last thing, your girls are so gorgeous!