Monday, September 9, 2013

Sweet Girls

A couple weeks ago we had a Princess Tea Party, just for fun. I'd been wanting to do a photo shoot with them before the baby came, and when Audrey asked to put on her Cinderella costume, I thought it would be cute to combine them!

While Abigail was napping, we got Audrey all dressed up. She was hilarious in front of the camera, loved every minute of being a little model!

I laugh EVERY time I see this one! Her face is so serious, and what's with the hand?! HAHAHA!!


Abigail was so excited to dress up like Belle...but she's definitely not into sitting still and posing for the camera, lol!


Yesterday was the first dance class of the season. I was so disappointed to see that the bench (where we've taken pictures each year) was gone, but these pictures came out great...

Audrey's facial expressions kill me! She thinks she's a supermodel, lol.

Ownership has changed this year, so things are a bit different. The girls have a new teacher, Mr. Phillip. I was surprised that Abby's class is way more structured and ballet-focused (no more obstacle courses! They're already learning across the floor!) Abigail was very shy at first- hiding behind me, clinging to Audrey. Once she got warmed up she followed along (with a LOT of direction from me!) But for part of the class she just ran back and forth in front of the mirror, lol. I swear, I'll see how she does the next couple months. If she doesn't improve her attention, we're dropping it. Formal dance lessons may not be her thing!

I decided to keep Audrey in the same class as last year (Dance and Play.) But I was surprised to see how much younger the other girls were. I think we'll be moving her up after we see how this month goes.

I love having girls, especially these 2 sweethearts!!

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