Friday, December 27, 2013

Audrey is FIVE!

Five years old. I just cannot believe it.

Everything about her is precious. She's a living dream.

She's the early riser in our house (Annie and I don't count!) If she were a Disney princess, animals would be at her window helping her to get ready as she sang. I swear, she's the happiest morning person ever. Seeing her bright happy smile first thing is like Christmas morning. She starts out my day RIGHT.

She's considerate. When she needs something from me she always prefaces it by saying "When you're done with ___, will you ____?" She understand that I'm a busy momma! I hope she knows that I'm NEVER too busy for her. I live for her!

I want to put her in a bubble. She's constantly running, skipping, jumping...bumping into things and people! She's just so excitable!! I admire her enthusiasm.

She has the cheeriest disposition. She truly is happy 99% of the time. And when she does get upset, she's over it just as quickly. No moping around for Miss Audrey Cate! I admire her ability to brush things off and move on with life. I accidentally spilled popcorn all over her when we were at the movie theater. She said, "It's ok, Mom! Everyone makes mistakes!!" HAHA :)

She's creative. You can give her 3 objects and she'll build something or make a game or use them in some crazy way. She's like a little MacGyver! She loves to build, create, draw, and play dress up.

She continues to be outgoing, friendly, and full of expression. She's a joy to talk to or just sit back and watch. She's full of energy and enthusiasm. Life would be so dull without our little sunshine girl!

I thank my lucky stars every day that we were blessed with her. She's meant for greatness. We love her more than words could ever say!

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L.S. said...

Hard to believe our (oldest) babies are already five!