Thursday, June 12, 2014

Audrey graduates preschool!

Her last day of school was May 30th and it was also Graduation Day.

It was a rainy and slightly chilly day, but I managed to get some great pictures of her with the last day of school sign :)

We all waited for the kids in the chapel and around 9:30 they came in and performed. I'd heard all the songs before, as Audrey would sing them from time to time (one night last week she was singing them in her bed as Chris and I ate dinner, lol.) Apparently the girls had begged their teachers to let them sing 'Let it Go.' So they obliged, and I thought they sounded wonderful :) Audrey was definitely the most boisterous kiddo, she put herself right up in the front and center and sang with confidence. Love that sweet girl!

Afterwards we helped Audrey pack up the last of her things, the girls had some cookies and said good-bye. Audrey was not at all sad, jut her usual happy go lucky self. I don't think she realized that it was a long-term thing, lol. I've always been a last day of school crier.

We headed to Panera for lunch (per Audrey's request.) It was a really great celebration...Kindergarten, here she comes!

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