Sunday, September 14, 2014

Audrey's (and Mom's!) First Day of School!

No doubt about it, she was made for school!

In her classroom, ready to meet and greet!

The night before school!

Woke up super early!

Ready to go!

Abigail took this awesome picture ;)

Our first day of school was great! I got to see Audrey several times; our lunch times overlap by 10 minutes. My classroom also has 2 windows that face the Kindergarten courtyard, so I get to see her when she's at recess. During my planning time I swing by her room and peek in. I love having her there, the teachers and staff and my former students love seeing her again. She is really enjoying school ("It's better than awesome!!") She wakes up super early but doesn't seem tired in the afternoon (except for the first day when she fell asleep on the way home!) She's such a rockstar :)

How cute is this? Another 2nd grade teacher (right next door) has a daughter in Audrey's class. The really cool thing? She was born one day before Audrey- we actually ran into each other at the girls' very first doctor appointment when they were just days old. Now they're Kindergators together!

Spying on her at recess

She spotted me :)

We've been in school for two weeks. The commute is my only complaint. I wish we lived closer, but moving isn't an option quite yet. That has been the hardest adjustment I think...and maybe I'll get used to it again. I do like to use the drive time to mentally prepare for my day, talk to the girls, etc. The drive home is also great for reflection.

All in all, being back at work is great. I'm so busy from the moment I wake to the moment I'm back in bed- it's crazy but I enjoy it! I'm feeling very overwhelmed, the beginning of the year is just a million things happening at once. My plate is FULL! I just remind myself that I am super lucky to be where I am, and have what I have. Life is definitely food :)

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L.S. said...

You are both so lucky to see each other throughout the day! I had a friend who's mom taught at our elementary school and I thought that was so awesome. :)