Thursday, June 18, 2015


Abigail had her preschool performance and it was beyond adorable. I was so happy to see her front and center, smiling and singing and excited as could be. I feel lucky that she's so happy at school. I am grateful that she still has a whole year of prek-4 ahead of her (although I cannot WAIT to have her at school with MEEEEE!!!) Her very last day of school was actually at the park. Chris took her and then brought her to me afterwards. She loved hanging out with us, and my kids were so sweet with her!

Audrey had her kindergarten musical (she was a mama bear) and awards afterwards. I'm actually having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that she'll be in first grade. That just seems so OLD to me. I watched Chris pick her up and talk to her about how proud we were of all her hard work this year. I almost couldn't breathe...all I could see was him holding her as a newborn in the exact same spot in our kitchen. This is going by way too fast. I am grateful she had an incredible year, and maybe that's part of why I'm a little sad that it's over. Her teacher appreciated Audrey's silly, active, social personality. She encouraged Audrey to be creative. She taught Audrey things that were beyond Kindergarten objectives (Audrey told us all about centrifical force one morning before school as she spun her purse around super fast and, "NOTHING FELL OUT!!") I am grateful for her amazing Kindergarten experience and all of the sweet little friends she has.

Staci came to our second grade awards program since her daughter is in my class. She brought Annie along :) As I sat with my class, I would glance over to where they were standing. Annie had grown bored of the stroller so Staci was holding her. Every once in awhile she would kiss her and tickle her, snuggle her and just LOVE all over her. I am so grateful that Annie has her. She is so loved by that family, and trust me when I say that the feeling is mutual. A few weeks ago I asked Staci if she would take time and consider doing this again next year...I barely finished my sentence when she she said she didn't even have to think about it and that she'd be offended if I hadn't asked, lol. I am grateful that our baby is loved and cared for just as much as when she's with us.

I am grateful for my job. I love spending my day with kids, even when they're rotten, lol. We become a family over the school year and it's very hard to say goodbye. Having the summer off eases the pain a bit ;) One of the best things about the school year ending is planning for NEXT year! I have some meetings over the summer, plus my Pinterest boards will be filling up with amazing ideas for my new crew. We never stop!!

I am grateful for all the things we have to look forward to this summer. Recital. Soccer. The house starting. New niece. Camps. Beach. Packing. Mostly I'm grateful for time with my sweet girls.

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