Friday, July 31, 2015

House Progress!


We had our preconstruction meeting on Tuesday. I met Chris and our project manager for lunch where we went over all the selections. Then Chris took me to see a house under construction so I could see what our blue siding would look like. I really love it and I think it will look great with our yellow front door!

We also drove by our home site, where I was very excited to see a porta potty :) The next day Chris drove by was was surprised to see them clearing!

On Thursday morning he sent me these:

And this is what it looked like Thursday afternoon:

I love seeing the progress. It's all going to be worth the wait! A friend of mine is building the same house, different elevation. She was nice enough to send me a picture of their kitchen-which is reversed from the model. It looks so different when it's all switched around!

I'm a bit anxious because I have all this time...and I feel like I can't quite pack everything up. I've done little things like take down some wall decor, cleaned out a few drawers and closets...I just want to get it all done now before the craziness of school begins. Since we'll probably be moving in November, I can't even pack up our Fall/Winter stuff! We are getting a dumpster so that we can purge as much as possible. That's a big job right there :) Maybe after that I'll feel better, lol.

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