Sunday, September 27, 2015

Week 8: HVAC & plumbing AND Week 9: electric & low voltage

On Monday I got to step inside the house for the very first time! Talk about excited!

I met Chris after work so he could stay out with the girls. I cannot believe this is going to be ours in just a couple of months..I'm so in love with the floorplan.

kitchen doors, looking from the garage door (mudroom)

mudroom with linen closet and laundry room w/window

living room


living room

I wanted to take more pictures but I got too distracted/overwhelmed.

I went back again on Saturday (9/19) and walked through it with Chris.

standing in the dining room

Back wall of the kitchen

front door


view from the front door



master bedroom

standing in the living room, looking at the kitchen

I love the stairs/foyer. Upstairs looks awesome, especially our master bedroom with all the windows. Chris will do our pre-drywall walk through this week. October will be a very busy month!

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L.S. said...

It looks like it will be amazing!