Sunday, May 18, 2008


Not good news :(

I started spotting this morning, bright red after we came back from the grocery store. I was quite alarmed, but didn't have any cramping. I called my doctor's office and Dr. Leonard called me back. She was pretty reassuring, but also said that it was no good to worry- what's going to happen is going to happen. 

Chris is being very positive, but I'm freaking out. It's scary to think that Baby Burns might not make it. On the bright side, we can get pregnant. We saw the heartbeat. I still feel pregnant. I'm calling the office tomorrow and maybe they'll want to see me for an u/s. I will not take it very well if this ends in miscarriage. These past 4 weeks have been the happiest of my life. The next 24 hours will be very touch and go...I'm praying that everything will be ok! 

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